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Donating 1 unit of Blood Burns upto 650 Calories

On 30th April 2023, the Yuva Bengaluru Trust organized a blood donation camp at the Indian Red Cross Society in Bengaluru. The event aimed to collect blood from willing donors to help save lives in times of emergencies and to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation.

The camp started at 9 am and lasted until 1pm. The organizers had made all necessary arrangements to ensure that the camp was conducted smoothly, following all COVID-19 safety protocols. The donors were asked to register themselves and undergo a preliminary health check-up before donating blood.

The volunteers of the Yuva Bengaluru Trust and the Indian Red Cross Society worked together efficiently to ensure that the entire process was carried out seamlessly. They provided refreshments to the donors after donation, and the donors were advised to rest for some time before leaving the premises.

Talking to the Volunteers Mr G Kiran Sagar, Founder of Yuva Bengaluru Trust mentioned "When you donate blood, your body works to replace the lost blood, which requires energy. This process can burn a significant number of calories, with an average donation of one unit of blood burning up to 650 calories. While donating blood should not be considered a weight loss strategy, it can be a beneficial addition to a healthy lifestyle.

The number of calories burned during a blood donation can vary based on factors such as your weight, age, and the amount of blood donated. However, donating blood can still contribute to burning calories and maintaining a healthy weight.

It's important to note that donating blood should not be done solely for the purpose of burning calories. The primary goal of donating blood is to help those in need. However, if you are eligible to donate blood, you can consider the additional benefit of burning calories as an added bonus."

The event witnessed an enthusiastic response from the people of Bengaluru. Many donors, including students, professionals, and homemakers, came forward to donate blood. The organizers also arranged for an awareness session about the importance of blood donation and its impact on society.

The camp turned out to be a great success as it collected a significant amount of blood from the donors, which will be utilized to save many lives. The Yuva Bengaluru Trust's initiative to organize such events highlights the importance of voluntary blood donation in society.

Special Thanks to our member & volunteers Sunil B V, Praveen SB, Nuthana D, Samyukta N, Varsha Dumgarwal, J Shravani, & Roshan G.

Overall, the blood donation camp conducted by the Yuva Bengaluru Trust at the Indian Red Cross Society in Bengaluru was a great initiative that successfully collected blood from numerous donors while also creating awareness about the importance of blood donation. Such events are necessary to ensure that the demand for blood during emergencies is met, and lives are saved.

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