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Our Selfless Journey

In September 2008, a group of passionate young individuals came together with a shared vision to transform society and create a brighter future for India. Fueled by a deep desire to make a meaningful difference, they embarked on a journey that would lead to the establishment of Yuva Bengaluru Trust. At the heart of this endeavor was Mr. G Kiran Sagar, the founder, whose inspiration stemmed from the powerful ideas presented in APJ Abdul Kalam's book, "India 2020."

Yuva Bengaluru Trust emerged as an NGO with a mission to provide a platform for young people to actively contribute to the betterment of society. Their aim was to bridge the gap between the educated and the underprivileged, recognizing that education is a transformative tool that can shape lives and communities.

Through the dedicated efforts of volunteers, Yuva Bengaluru Trust began to educate and mentor children from government schools, orphanages, slums, and village community centers across the country. By empowering these young minds with knowledge, guidance, and support, the trust aimed to pave the way for a brighter future, not only for the children themselves but also for the nation as a whole.

The work of Yuva Bengaluru Trust goes beyond mere instruction. It is an immersive experience, where volunteers and beneficiaries learn from one another. As the children receive education and mentorship, the volunteers gain valuable perspectives and insights that contribute to their personal growth and development. This reciprocal exchange of knowledge and experiences enables the volunteers to become the leaders of tomorrow, armed with a broader understanding of the world and a deep sense of social responsibility.

Through their unwavering commitment and dedication, Yuva Bengaluru Trust continues to create a positive impact on society. By empowering underprivileged children with education, nurturing their talents, and providing them with the tools to succeed, the trust strives to break the cycle of poverty and open doors of opportunity.

In this ongoing journey, Yuva Bengaluru Trust remains steadfast in its vision to build a better India, where every child has equal access to education and the chance to thrive. By nurturing the potential of the youth and fostering a spirit of compassion and service, the trust aims to create a brighter and more inclusive tomorrow for all.

Prime Concern

The primary objective of Yuva Bengaluru Trust is to provide a platform for young people to actively contribute to society and bridge the gap between the educated and the underprivileged. The organization focuses on educating and mentoring children from government schools, orphanages, slums, and village community centers across the country. By empowering these children with education and guidance, the trust aims to provide them with a better future, benefiting both the individuals and the nation as a whole.

Our Statergy


To create a positive impact on society by providing quality education, guidance, and empowerment to underprivileged children. Through bridging the gap between the educated and the less fortunate, the trust aims to cultivate a sense of responsibility among the youth, fostering a generation of compassionate leaders who are committed to building a better future for India.


To educate and transform the lives of children and youth in India by bridging the digital divide by providing devices and digital classrooms and developing sustainable infrastructure for clean water, sanitation, hygiene. Inculcate a sense of self-belief, confidence, gratitude, compassion and passion amongst the recipients.


Our values are Drive, Passion, Integrity, Teamwork & working with Transparency

Our Managing Committee

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Yuva Bengaluru Trust leadership collective comprising of Regional and Functional Directors who provide strategic direction to organizational objectives.

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