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35th Blood Donation Camp Organized by Yuva Bengaluru.

Bengaluru, 30th Oct 2022, Sunday– Yuva Bengaluru Trust took the opportunity to allow a gift of life by organizing a blood donation camp in association with Red Cross in its campus. The blood donation camp encouraged people to come forward, dispelling the misconception that blood donation is harmful, and taking action to save lives. The camp was a huge success and saw active participation from Yuva Members & Volunteers . On the entire 31 units of blood were collected in a day. 


Quoting the words of a donor, “Yuva has been regularly organizing blood donation camps every 3 months and has witnessed voluntary participation. While addressing the people at the camp, our volunteers brought awareness to them about the shortage of blood and necessity to donate blood so that we can help people in their critical and needy times. It is such a great service and contribution to the society. Volunteers have given moral support to the people donating blood. The collected blood was later carefully sealed and transported to the blood bank. 


“The considerable youth participation in the blood donation camp is an inspiring sign of voluntarism and awareness. When the need for safe and secure blood is steadily on the rise, the donors are indeed serving society in a way that deserves acknowledgment and appreciation,” said G Kiran Sagar, Founder, Yuva Bengaluru Trust.

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