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National Farmers' Day - Farm Visit Program

The air is filled with laughter and excited chatter. Children play unrestrained by the confines of the city, while the school teachers and yuva volunteers watch indulgently, knowing that their children are in safe hands.

This is a typical scene during the Farm visit program at the Akshayakalpa organic dairy and farm. This is an opportunity that Akshayakalpa provides, not just for its customers but also for anyone who would like to learn more about their products and processes.

On 24th December , Yuva supported 20 school children had the pleasure of witnessing a group of visitors savoring every aspect of the immersive and educational activities at the farm and needless to say, everyone were equally delighted to experience the same along with everyone else.

Akshayakalpa Organic, started out as a rural enterprise which aimed at ‘Rejuvenating Indian Agriculture’, by making farmers self reliant by setting up organic dairies in village farms and then helping them through the entire process from milking to marketing.

The purpose of this tour is multifold. It provides the urban children with immersive and interactive activities that showcase the working of an organic and self sustaining farm. Children and (certain clueless) adults are educated on how their food is grown and the humungous effort that is put in by the farmer to facilitate the journey of food from Soil to Soul.

It aims to inculcate a healthy respect for the process of producing food and not to take for granted what seems to magically appear on our plate.

The program also strives to indicate the difference between conventional and organic farming and thus exhibit how Akshayakalpa’s products are far safer and healthier with their ethical and chemical free processes, than other commercial mass production brands.

Special thanks to our volunteers Ashok, Rahul, Roshan & Nandish for taking care of children, and making this event a big success

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