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Yuva Bengaluru  finds bright and deserving students with financially constrained backgrounds who performed exceptionally well at state and national level entrance exams. Once a facilitator verifies the student’s financial need, the scholarship is awarded and their journey begins.

While the Program’s main focus is providing financial support for qualified students, Yuva's assistance extends beyond finances and includes training, mentorship. This assistance is available irrespective of the applicant’s caste, community, gender or religion. The only eligibility criteria for the Program are academic performance and family income.

List Of Mandatory Documents

  • X And XII Marks Sheet

  • Bonafide Certificate From College

  • Rank Certificate

  • Counselling Letter For Seat Allotment

  • Family Income Certificate Or Salary Slip (For 3 Months) Or IT Return Form

  • Statement Of Estimated Expenses From College

  • Bank Passbook Copy For Bank Account Details Confirmation ( with 3 months Statement 

  • E-Aadhaar Or Scanned Copy Of Your Original Aadhaar

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