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South East Asia's only Mobile Planetarium 

Want to create an amazing & immersive science show in your school?

360° immersive 3D Experience of the Universe, right in your school premises.

Engage, Amaze and Inspire your students through a space adventure by bringing India's Best Mobile Planetarium - Sky Park Planetarium to your school.


Let your students enjoy Age-appropriate, meaningful, fun and educational experience of our Universe inside the giant dome.


Entire Concept of having a mobile planetarium in your school explained

For Shows Contact - 86608-21611

Want to create an amazing  science show in your school?

One of the fastest and popular ways of education today is learning through 'immersive environments'. Wondering what it is?


Immersive environments allow learners to immerse themselves in a simulated environment, while experiencing it as completely real. Learning provided is thus experiential rather than based on textbooks. It makes learning Effective, Engaging and Exciting


Utilizing this fantastic tool of Immersive Learning, SKY PARK  has decided to reinvent how we perceive learning.

Mobile - 86680 21611


Thanks for submitting! We will contact you soon.


General details about the Shows

  • Grade Level: K - 12

  • Max Audience Size: 30 - 40 students and 2 teachers

  • Duration: 30 mins (approx)

  • Min no of Sessions per Day: 8

  • Setup Time: 45 mins

  • Tear Down Time: 30 mins

  • Seating for Students: Tarp/ Cushion Mats

Requirements from the School

  • Dome Size: 20 feet x 20 feet

  • Dome Height: 10 feet

  • Electrical Requirements: One 15 Amps power socket

  • Outdoor Setup: Not Possible

  • Room Requirement: Most Classrooms, Auditoriums, Library, Gymnasiums are more than adequate to house the mobile planetarium

  • Staff Requirements: 1 Coordinator during the show

  • What is the cost per student?
    Shows start from Rs. 100/- per student. We have customizable programs according to the need of the school.
  • What is the minimum student strength to conduct a planetarium show in your school?
    We need a minimum strength of 300 students to cater your school. The mobile planetarium can cater upto 400 students per day.
  • What is the requirement from the school?
    The school needs to provide a 20 feet x 20 feet indoor/ closed room with necessary ventilations and un-interupted power supply through a 15 Amps socket along with a coordinator to handle the sessions.
  • What kind of marketing support do the school get?
    Upon confirmation of the dates, we can provide a customised digital poster (with the school logo and photo), digital circular & video invitation to market the program to your parents.
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