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Student Eligibility Criteria

         Any student who falls under the following eligibility criteria can apply for Yuva Scholarship.

  1. Monthly Income: Students should be from financially poor families.

  2. Marks: Students should have passed the 10th /12th standard with more than 75% marks.

  3. School Location: The student should have completed 10th /12th std in a school/college in Bengaluru or Rural Bengaluru.

  4. College Location: Students should be ready to do college in Bengaluru or Rural Bengaluru.

  5. Degree: The student should be willing to study any degree offerings in  Commerce, Arts & Science, Engineering. This scholarship does not support diplomas, Polytechnic Courses, Law, Medicine and Teacher Training.

  6. Merit Quota: Students can join any accredited colleges in Bengaluru or Rural Bengaluru, through Merit quota only. Admission under the management quota is not allowed.

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