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Student Benefits

Financial Support

The Scholar will get a maximum of Rs. 25,000 per year towards their college fee.

If the fee is less than Rs. 25,000, we will pay the actual college fee amount. A minimum of Rs 10,000 per year will be paid as a scholarship till you finish under graduation.

The scholarship amount includes book fees, Transportation fees, Hostel fees, Mess fees, Exam fees etc


Scholarship is not auto renewed. Students need to show academic progress, attend our training programs regularly to earn their next year of scholarship.

Skill Development

We will give 100+ hours of skill training programs every year for all our students.


We train our students in Spoken English, Soft Skills, Problem-Solving skills, and all other crucial Career Skills. We do it to ensure all our students become employable when they finish graduation.


We conduct both in-class and virtual training. Considering the Covid situation, we have converted all our training into phone-based programs.



Our virtual training programs equip students with all the necessary skills. We will restart the in-class training when the situation becomes normal.

Job Opportunities

Many corporate companies are partners with us and sponsor some of our scholarship students.


We facilitate job interviews for our final year students with these companies. We also reach other corporate companies and arrange job interviews for our students.



If you develop necessary skills during your graduation period, you will end up with a good job apart from getting scholarship support from us.

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