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Eligibility Check.png

Eligibility Check

We will verify the following eligibility criteria via a Telephonic Interview. Check your eligibility criteria here.

Mark Verification.png

Mark Verification

We verify the student's 12th marks by cross-checking the marksheets. We do this to ensure if the student has a minimum of 75% in 12th standard.

Skill Assessment.png

Skill Assessment

Our volunteer will carry out an assessment for the student to check their basic skills.

Student Interview.png

Student Interview

The students who pass the above screening steps will get a call from one of our volunteers. The volunteer will conduct an interview for the student to get to know the student better. 

Parent Interview.png

Parent Interview

After the student interview, our volunteer will conduct an interview for the parent. This is to understand the student's family background and income status.

Home Visit.png

Home Visit

Our Volunteers will visit the student homes to do a background check.

Eligibility Check.png

Student Commitment

The scholarship, 'I am the Change,' covers financial aid, skill training, internships, and volunteering. Recipients commit to sponsoring at least one student in their lifetime, alongside fulfilling other scholarship requirements.

Eligibility Check.png

Final Interview

The students who are shortlisted for this step will have a final interview.

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