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Empowering Bengaluru's Future

Yuva Bengaluru's Life Skills Classes Transforming Young Lives

Since July 2023, a remarkable initiative has been taking place in Bengaluru, one that has been gradually transforming the lives of 8th-grade children in government schools across the city. Every Saturday, dedicated volunteers from Yuva Bengaluru have been conducting life skills classes, totaling 10 sessions, in seven government schools. The impact of these classes has been profound, with both students and teachers witnessing a positive transformation in the children. In this blog, we will delve into the journey of Yuva Bengaluru's life skills classes and the incredible volunteers who are making a lasting difference in these young lives.

The Seven Participating Schools and Volunteers

1. PVP School, Rajajinagar (Volunteers: Miss Bhavya & Mr. Roshan)

2. Basaweshwara School, Mahalakshmipuram (Volunteer: Miss Moulya)

3. GHS Hosagudadhahalli, Mysore Road (Volunteer: Mr. Rohith)

4. GMPS, Laggere (Volunteer: Miss Radha)

5. GHS, Agrahara Dasarahalli, Magadi Main Road (Volunteers: Miss Hemalatha & Mr. Nandish)

6. SVK, Padmanabanagar (Volunteers: Miss Vaishnavi & Mrs. Suma)

7. GHS, Bidadi (Volunteer: Mr. Mohan)

The Impact of Yuva Bengaluru's Life Skills Classes

The commitment of Yuva Bengaluru's volunteers to conducting life skills classes every Saturday has yielded transformative results. The effects of these classes on the students have been profound and encompass various aspects of their lives:

1. Improved Confidence: Many students who once hesitated to speak up have blossomed into confident individuals. They now actively participate in classroom discussions, ask questions, and voice their opinions with self-assurance.

2. Enhanced Communication Skills: The life skills classes have sharpened the students' ability to communicate effectively. They express their thoughts clearly and articulately, leading to improved interaction with teachers, peers, and family members.

3. Strong Problem-Solving Abilities: Students have developed structured problem-solving skills, which not only aids their academic performance but also equips them to tackle real-life challenges more effectively.

4. Increased Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: The classes have nurtured empathy and emotional intelligence among students. They have become more compassionate and understanding, fostering better relationships with their peers.

5. Aspiration for a Bright Future: Yuva Bengaluru's volunteers have served as inspiring role models for the students, sharing their own career journeys and motivating the children to set ambitious goals for their future.

The invaluable contribution of Yuva Bengaluru's volunteers has not gone unnoticed. School teachers have observed a gradual but significant change in the students' behavior, attitudes, and overall development. The dedication and selflessness of Miss Bhavya, Mr. Roshan, Miss Moulya, Mr. Rohith, Miss Radha, Miss Hemalatha, Mr. Nandish, Miss Vaishnavi, Mrs. Suma, and Mr. Mohan have left an indelible mark on these young lives.

The school teachers themselves have extended their gratitude to the volunteers for their unwavering support and commitment to the cause. The volunteers have not only imparted life skills but have also instilled hope and empowerment in the students.

Yuva Bengaluru's life skills classes have been a beacon of hope and transformation for 8th-grade students in government schools across Bengaluru. Through their dedication, these volunteers have instilled confidence, improved communication skills, honed problem-solving abilities, nurtured empathy and emotional intelligence, and inspired the children to dream big. These classes are not just about teaching skills; they are about shaping the future leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.

As we acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of these volunteers, we look forward to witnessing the continued growth and development of these young minds under the guidance of Yuva Bengaluru. The impact of these life skills classes goes beyond the classroom, empowering students to believe in themselves and work towards a brighter future. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the volunteers of Yuva Bengaluru for their time, dedication, and unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of these children.


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