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Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Program

The menstrual hygiene awareness program conducted by a NUTANIX INDIA corporate team for underprivileged school girls in partnership with Yuva Bengaluru Trust was a significant step towards ensuring better menstrual health for these girls.

The program was organized in a school in PVP Girls High School, where the team provided education on menstrual hygiene practices, including the importance of using clean and hygienic menstrual products and maintaining proper sanitation during periods. They also conducted interactive sessions, addressing myths and misconceptions related to menstruation, and answered questions from the girls.

The program was well received by the girls, who expressed gratitude for the knowledge they gained. The program not only provided education but also distributed free menstrual hygiene products to the girls, which was an added benefit for those who may not have had access to these products otherwise.

NUTANIX team, in partnership with the Yuva Bengaluru Trust, made a positive impact on the girls' lives and created awareness about menstrual hygiene among a group of underprivileged girls who may not have received such education otherwise. The team's initiative towards this important cause deserves commendation, and we hope that such programs continue to be conducted in the future to ensure better menstrual health for all girls.

Our heartfelt gratitude to each employee Vani R, Aditi Choudhary, Bini Ramalingam, Gopika Vinod Krishnan, Komalpreet Kaur, Lavleen Kaur, Parinitha BS, Rashmi Dhaded & Sakshi Patil

for your active participation in the menstrual hygiene awareness program.

Special thanks to Mrs Swetha Rao for leading this program, Sunil BV, Praveen SB & Moulya DV for volunteering and making this program a big success.

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