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Deepawali Celebration with Chiildren 22nd Oct 2022

We celebrated Diwali with children at Paraspara Adoption Center on 22nd Oct 2022. Paraspara Home has 20 children. It was a volunteering event to celebrate festival and spread happiness. After attending this event, We could make out that nothing can satisfy a person more than bringing a smile on the face of the less-fortunate people. Even a small contribution makes a big difference.

We realized the worth of a loving family and an amiable group of friends and We feel privileged after this experience. The excitement on the faces of the girls & boys of the orphanage brought a sense of relief. It was astonishing as well as wonderful to see a plethora of talents in these Children. They made us realize that the true happiness hidden in these experiences outweigh the pleasures of materialistic possession.

Special thanks to Sunil BV , Sneha Gopal & Roshan for planning & making it a big success.

Hope we could do much more to contribute towards society and will be able to spread happiness all around the world.

Team Yuva

We will take INDIA forward

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