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April 2023 Newsletter

SSLC Mentorship

As the SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) examinations for 2023 kick off, Yuva Bengaluru Trust extends its heartfelt best wishes to all the students who have been mentored by its dedicated volunteers. The trust's commitment to education and youth empowerment shines through as these students embark on their exams. The hard work and guidance provided by the volunteers of Yuva Bengaluru Trust are sure to have a positive impact on the students' performance, and the trust stands proud in supporting their academic journey. Best wishes to all the SSLC 2023 students mentored by Yuva Bengaluru Trust volunteers!

Annual Members Meet of Yuva Bengaluru Trust

The annual members meet of Yuva Bengaluru Trust was held on 1st April 2023 at Yuva

Bengaluru Trust Office, bringing together members, volunteers, and supporters of the organization. The event was a significant occasion for reflection, celebration, and planning for the future.

The meet commenced with a warm welcome to all attendees and an overview of the accomplishments and progress made by Yuva Bengaluru Trust in the past year. The achievements of the organization, ranging from successful educational programs, community initiatives, and impactful projects, were shared and appreciated by all.

The event also provided an opportunity for members to share their feedback, suggestions, and ideas for furthering the vision and mission of Yuva Bengaluru Trust. The interactive sessions fostered meaningful discussions on ways to enhance the impact of the organization's efforts and better serve the needs of the community.

The annual members meet also recognized and appreciated the hard work and dedication of the volunteers and supporters who have contributed to the success of Yuva Bengaluru Trust. Their unwavering commitment to the cause of education and social empowerment was acknowledged, and their contributions were applauded.

Overall, the annual members meet of Yuva Bengaluru Trust was a momentous occasion that highlighted the progress, achievements, and collective efforts of the organization in its pursuit of empowering the youth and transforming communities. The event provided an opportunity for members to come together, share ideas, and chart the course for a brighter future. With renewed enthusiasm and determination, Yuva Bengaluru Trust looks forward to another year of making a meaningful impact in the lives of those in need.

Lunch @ Hiteshi Mahila Maneangala

In a heartwarming gesture, Yuva Bengaluru Trust sponsored a special lunch at Hiteshi Mahila Maneangala in celebration of a volunteer's birthday. This act of kindness not only brought joy to the residents of Hiteshi Mahila Maneangala, but also exemplified the organization's commitment to social welfare and community outreach. Yuva Bengaluru Trust continues to make a positive impact in the lives of underprivileged communities, and their efforts to spread happiness and create meaningful experiences are truly commendable.

Internship Opportunities for M.Ed. Students of Bengaluru University

Yuva Bengaluru Trust, is committed to empowering youth and promoting education, has taken another step towards fulfilling its mission by providing internship opportunities for M.Ed. (Master of Education) students. The organization recognizes the importance of practical experience and exposure for aspiring educators and is dedicated to supporting their professional growth and development.

The internship program offered by Yuva Bengaluru Trust for M.Ed. students is designed to

provide hands-on learning experiences in real-world educational settings. Through this program, students have the opportunity to work with experienced educators, participate in ongoing projects, and contribute to the organization's various educational initiatives.

The internship program is structured to provide M.Ed. students with a holistic understanding of the education ecosystem and equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary for their future careers. It also serves as a platform for students to apply their theoretical learning in a practical setting and gain valuable insights into the nuances of the education field. The organization believes that empowering educators is essential for creating a positive impact on the education system and society as a whole.

Yuva Bengaluru Trust Welcomes New Volunteers

Yuva Bengaluru Trust is thrilled to welcome new volunteers to its esteemed team! The organization's orientation program was held recently to introduce and welcome the fresh faces who have joined the noble cause of youth empowerment and community development. The trust values the passion and dedication of its volunteers and looks forward to working together in creating a positive impact in the lives of the youth and the community. A warm welcome to all the new volunteers of Yuva Bengaluru Trust, and let's strive together to make a meaningful difference!

Support to Needy BE Student from MVIT College

Yuva Bengaluru Trust, a renowned non-profit organization, has once again displayed its unwavering commitment to education and youth empowerment by sponsoring the tuition fee of a deserving Bachelor of Engineering (BE) student from MVIT College. This act of kindness showcases the organization's dedication to creating opportunities for students from economically challenged backgrounds and enabling them to pursue their dreams of higher education. With this sponsorship, Yuva Bengaluru Trust continues to make a tangible difference in the lives of deserving students, and their generosity is truly commendable.

School Kit Campaign 2023-24

Yuva Bengaluru Trust is proud to announce its signature project - the School Kit Campaign, aimed at providing essential school supplies to 3000 underprivileged children in need. With the mission of empowering young minds through education, the trust has set a goal to raise funds and donations to ensure that these deserving children have the tools they need to excel in their studies and pursue a brighter future.

The School Kit Campaign aims to provide school kits that include bag, books, stationery and other essential items that many underprivileged children lack access to. These school kits can make a significant difference in the lives of these children, enabling them to attend school with confidence and dignity, and equipping them with the resources necessary to succeed academically.

The trust is reaching out to individuals, organizations, and communities to donate and fundraise in support of this noble cause. A donation of just Rs. 600 can provide a school kit for one child, and every contribution, no matter how big or small, can make a meaningful impact. In addition to individual donations, the trust encourages supporters to spread the word and rally others to donate, amplifying the impact of the campaign.

Donating is easy and can be done securely through the trust's website ( or by contacting the trust directly for other donation options. The trust is deeply grateful for the generosity and support of the community in making a positive change in the lives of these underprivileged children.

Through the School Kit Campaign, the Yuva Bengaluru Trust aims to provide 3000 children with the necessary school supplies to thrive in their education and unlock their potential. With your support, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of these children and help them build a brighter future. Join us in this noble cause by donating and fundraising for the Yuva Bengaluru Trust School Kit Campaign and making a difference in the lives of these deserving children.

Together, let's empower these young minds and create a more equitable and inclusive education system for all.

Thank you for your kindness and support.

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