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Yuva Bengaluru Trust contributes to creating a comfortable and conducive learning environment by providing benches for schools. These benches enhance the seating arrangements in classrooms, making it easier for students to focus on their studies.

Green Yuva is an environmental initiative of Yuva Bengaluru that aims to increase the green cover of the state of Karnataka. This is an initiative against global warming to contribute towards a cleaner, greener and better planet.
Our Vision: To inspire people to plant trees, develop a culture of care towards the environment and make them realize their inevitable dependency on nature.
Launched on Bharatha Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s 84th Birthday, 15th October 2014, as a grass roots ecological initiative, the project has distributed 5000+ medicinal saplings so far. We aim to contribute towards the vision of our mentor Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s Billion People Billion Tree.
Why plant trees?
It acts as an AIR CONDITIONER: 1 Tree = 10 air conditioner
It supplies OXYGEN: 1 Tree = 1 Day of oxygen for 4 people
It absorbs CARBON DIOXIDE: 1 Tree= Absorbs 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide
Plants have been part of our lives since the beginning of time. The use of plants to heal or combat illness is probably as old as humankind. Out of these simple beginnings came the pharmaceutical industry. Yet today, the view of plants is very different from how it all started.
With most of us being health conscious and use natural herbs for curing illness, YGF is promoting medicinal plants with its importance so that people plant the saplings and take care of them.

Projects Under Education


School Kit
Empowering Education

School Kit Program was established by the Yuva Bengaluru Trust in 2009 with the goal of empowering every child through education. Its primary focus is on helping children from disadvantaged and economically poorer areas of society. We offer a school kit that includes a variety of supplies like a school bag, notebooks, pens, pencils, drawing books, crayons, and compass boxes.


School Adoption Program
Nurturing Minds, Building Futures

The number of children studying in government schools is higher than the private schools. Despite government efforts to transform the government schools, the schools are lacking infrastructure facilities and that leads to failure to attract the students to government schools as well as to provide quality education to needy children.


Smart Board 
Bridging Digital Divide

The project aims to bridge the digital divide by introducing modern educational technology, specifically smart boards, to government schools in rural areas. Smart boards are interactive whiteboards that facilitate engaging and interactive teaching-learning experiences. By leveraging the power of technology, we aspire to provide students in rural schools with access to modern tools and resources, fostering a more inclusive and equitable learning environment.

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