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YUVA Scholarship

Yuva Bengaluru Trust identifies deserving students and sponsors them for their undergraduate / graduate education. Through this scholarship, we offer financial assistance, training, internships, and job opportunities to our scholars.

YUVA has sponsored 786 students in 8 years 

Who can apply?

Students who have scored above 75% in their 10th /12th grade examinations

Students who are from financially poor families.

Students should have completed 10th grade in any school in Bengaluru or Bengaluru Rural 

Students should be ready to do their college education in Bengaluru or Bengaluru Rural.

Higher preference is given to Parentless, Single Parented students, First graduates.

Higher preference is given to Govt, Govt Aided Colleges & low-cost private Colleges.

Who are the beneficiaries?


Parentless Student


Single Parent Student

low income families.png

Low-income Family Student

What do students get?

Financial Support

Financial assistance up to Rs 25,000 per year.

Skill Development

100+ hours of Skill development training every year.

Job Opportunities

Facilitating Job Opportunities for final year students.

How do we select Students ?
It is an 8 step verification process

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