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Your support is crucial in ensuring education for all!

After a hiatus of two years, schools have finally reopened, marking a joyous moment as children return to the familiar routines of meeting friends, sharing lunches, and playing together. However, this heartwarming scene is just one facet of the larger picture.

The pandemic has impacted every child, yet its effects have been disproportionately harsh on certain segments. Children from socio-economically weaker sections, tribal regions, remote rural areas, and urban slums have borne the brunt of these challenges. During the school closures, only approximately 28% of children in rural areas and slums had access to digital learning. For lakhs of children who were already facing difficulties in the pre-pandemic world, their education came to an abrupt halt.

In response to this crisis, Yuva Bengaluru Trust, through its 'Shiksha Na Ruke' initiative, has been actively working to support children from challenging circumstances in returning to school and rebuilding their lives with positivity and hope. 

Despite facing numerous challenges, these resilient young champions have not given up on their dreams; they continue to strive and work hard. With your valuable support, we can empower these dreams with accessible and quality education. Let's join hands to ensure a joyful and secure childhood for every child!

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